Poll Finds 63 Percent Believe Media Is Biased, Has Political Agenda

In recent years, the media has truly let the mask slip.

They always leaned left, but now they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Anyone who watched the way they covered Obama’s presidency, compared to how they cover Trump’s, knows this is true.

A recent poll confirms this.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Spin zone: 63% say media biased, agree with Bari Weiss rip on New York Times

Not only is the political media biased, but it’s sending consumers searching for “news that is accurate, opinions that are vital and debate that is sincere,” according to a new survey that polled on a quote pulled from the resignation letter of the New York Times’s Bari Weiss.

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The latest Rasmussen Reports survey found continued dismissal of the media as biased, twice as much by Republicans, 87%, than Democrats, 42%.

It said that 63% “believe most major news organizations in this country have their own political agenda.” Just 27% said news organizations “generally remain impartial.”

The poll followed the resignation of Weiss earlier this week. She issued a scathing letter that said the New York Times has caught clickbait fever and writes only for the liberal audience.

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She wrote, “Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space.

We see examples of this every day. Just look at how the media covers Andrew Cuomo.

If Cuomo was a Republican, he would be painted as public enemy number one.


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