Poll Finds During Coronavirus Crisis, Americans Rate Hospital Response Best And News Media Worst

A new Gallup poll finds that Americans believe hospitals and healthcare professionals have responded best to the Coronavirus crisis.

The media rates the lowest response rating.

It’s easy to understand this. When the crisis hit, the healthcare industry responded appropriately, quickly, and professionally.

The media has continued to try to politicize the crisis on a daily basis. They can’t let go of their Trump Derangement Syndrome, even as people are losing jobs, money and even loved ones.

From Gallup:

Coronavirus Response: Hospitals Rated Best, News Media Worst

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Americans are generally positive in their evaluations of how each of nine leaders and institutions has handled the response to the coronavirus situation. Eight of the nine receive majority positive ratings — led by U.S. hospitals, at 88% approval. Only the news media gets a more negative than positive review.

These data are from a March 13-22 Gallup poll, with the field period starting on the same day President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak, and spanning sharp increases in the number of documented cases in the U.S., as well as the number of deaths.

About four in five Americans approve of the way their state government and government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health are handling the coronavirus outbreak. Similarly, 83% of parents of children younger than 18 rate their children’s school or daycare positively for its handling of the situation. And 82% of U.S. workers rate their employer’s response positively…

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Only on the news media’s handling of the coronavirus are Democrats more approving than Republicans — 61% vs. 25%, respectively. Gallup has consistently found that Democrats have more confidence than Republicans in mass media.

This is also reflected in findings from Rasmussen.

The media could learn a lesson from the healthcare industry.

But they probably won’t.



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