Poll Finds Support For Impeaching Trump Has Dropped Significantly – 12 Points Among Democrats

There has been a significant shift in support for impeaching Donald Trump. Maxine Waters is going to be inconsolable over this.

Ryan Struyk of CNN:

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Here’s more from CNN:

CNN Poll: Support for impeachment falls among Democrats

Support for impeaching President Donald Trump has fallen 7 points since December, a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds, following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling impeachment “so divisive to the country.”

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The decline — from 43% in favor in December to 36% now — stems largely from a change in Democratic views on impeaching the President. In December, 80% of self-identified Democrats said they were in favor of impeachment — that now stands at 68%, a 12-point dip. Among independents and Republicans, support for impeachment has fallen 3 points over the same time.

The only major subgroup among which the decline was larger than among Democrats is college graduates: 50% backed impeachment in December, 35% do so now. Combining the two to look at Democrats with college degrees, support for impeachment fell 17 points from 79% in December to 62% now.

You know who has a lot to do with this? Nancy Pelosi. We kid you not.

Townhall reports:

Pelosi Chides Dems Who Wanted to Impeach Trump From Day One

We’ve heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say she does not believe that pursuing impeachment against President Trump is “worth it” at this point. Yet, House progressives are forging ahead anyway.

Some Democrats have “wanted to impeach the president since the day he got elected,” Pelosi said with frustration in a USA Today interview Wednesday.

“You’re wasting your time, unless the evidence is so conclusive that the Republicans will understand,” she added. “Otherwise, it’s a gift to the president. We take our eye off the ball.”

Well, a few Democrats who are “wasting their time” include Rep. Al Green (D-TX), who said he’s pursuing impeachment proceedings despite the speaker’s opposition.

Is the party’s base going to revolt over this?


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