POLL: First Lady Melania And Ivanka Trump Are Wildly Popular With Americans

The Trump women are wildly popular!

In a new poll, First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, are seen as the most liked Trumps throughout the nation.

Daily Mail reports:

  • First lady Melania Trump, who appeared at her husband’s inauguration and spoke briefly in Washington, remains more popular than her husband
  • Her popularity stands at 47 to 32 in a new survey, an improvement from the GOP convention, when she experienced a flap over language taken from Michelle Obama’s speech 
  • Daughter Ivanka Trump is slightly more popular than he step-mother, with 49 per cent approval
  • Both women lead President Trump, whose approval is at 46 per cent as he undertakes a series of sweeping policy changes and clashes with the media

Image: Source


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