POLL: Less Than Half Of Voters Believe Joe Biden Is Legitimate Winner Of The Election

No matter how the 2020 election comes out, a significant portion of the country is not going to accept the results.

If President Trump is declared the winner, the left will call his win illegitimate, but so what? The left has been saying that since Trump won in 2016.

The bad news for Joe Biden is that, according to a new poll, a majority of voters already don’t see him as the legitimate winner.

Just The News reports:

Less than half in new poll believe Biden is legitimate winner of election; a third say Trump won

More than a third of registered voters believe Donald Trump legitimately won the presidential election, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

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Less than half of all respondents — 49% — believe Joe Biden legitimately won the race, while 34% said they believe Trump won the election, and 16% said they are not sure who really won.

Of Republican respondents, 77% said they think Trump is the legitimate winner, while just 12% of Republicans believe Biden is the legitimate winner. About a quarter of independent voters also said they believe Trump won.

Among Democrats, 87% think that Biden is the winner.

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Rasmussen noted that the survey was conducted from Thursday night until Saturday early afternoon.

Trump supporters are planning a march in Washington, DC this Saturday.

Who can blame Trump supporters for keeping up the fight?

This is about the future of America and the outcome of the election is in doubt.


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