POLL: Majority Believe Media Is Actively Trying To Help Joe Biden Pass Agenda

Most people believe the media is trying to help Joe Biden, according to a new poll.

It’s easy to see why. The media gives Joe Biden passes for things that would make them lose their minds under Trump.

For the most part, they only ask Biden softball questions, when he allows them to question him.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Joe, Joe, he’s our man: Most see reporters as Biden cheerleaders

Most believe that the news media is on Team Biden, not Team America, and, as a result, they do not “trust” the political news being dished up by the press.

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In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 54% of likely voters said that the media is trying to help the agenda of President Joe Biden.

And when asked if they trust the news from Washington, 53% said no.

“Distrust of political news reporting remains high, and more than half of voters believe the media are in the tank for President Biden,” said the poll analysis.

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During Democratic administrations, the media has recently been seen as surrogates for presidents, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

In a recent court case, a federal judge said as much when he said that some notable outlets were Democratic Party echo chambers.

It’s interesting that a majority also distrusts the media.

The media did this to themselves.

They destroyed their own credibility under Trump.


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