POLL: Majority Of Americans Say Kamala Harris Not Qualified To Become President

Kamala Harris is now one heartbeat away from the presidency and that’s quite unfortunate.

A new poll finds that a majority of Americans don’t believe she is qualified to become the president.

Given Biden’s advanced age, this is a very real possibility.

Newsmax reports:

Majority of Voters Say VP Harris Not Qualified to Become President

A majority of likely voters have an unfavorable impression of Vice President Kamala Harris, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday.

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Republican voters especially are doubtful Harris is qualified to be president.

Only 25% of GOP voters believe Harris is qualified to become president, compared to 80% of Democrats and 36% of unaffiliated voters.

Of likely voters overall, 51% have an unfavorable impression of Harris, with 43% having a very unfavorable impression of the vice president.

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Not only that, 50% said Harris is not qualified to become president, including 41% who said she is not at all qualified.

The survey found that 46% of likely voters have a favorable impression of Harris, including 28% who have a very favorable view of her.

Female voters (48%) only have a slightly more favorable view of Harris than men (44%), but women (32%) are more likely than men (24%) to say they have a very favorable impression of Harris.

Those are some brutal numbers.

Democrats are fooling themselves if they think people are excited about Harris.


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