POLL: Majority Of Voters Blame Joe Biden And Congress For Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain crisis is still happening and a majority of voters place blame on Joe Biden and Congress.

It’s easy to understand voter frustration. Gas and food prices are high and still rising. It’s still a challenge to get certain consumer goods. Even restaurants are finding it challenging to keep up with customer demands.

Meanwhile, Biden and Congress waste time trying to pass their massive spending bill instead of dealing with the problems right in front of them.

Townhall reports:

New Poll Shows A Majority of Voters Blame Biden and Congress for Supply Chain Issues

The majority of registered voters blame President Biden and Congress for the current global supply chain and shipping issues impacting the United States, a new poll shows.

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The poll, which was released on Wednesday, was conducted by Morning Consult and Politico. It found that 62 percent of registered voters believe Biden bears some responsibility for the supply chain issues. Nearly as many registered voters, 61 percent, believe Congress also bears some responsibility.

Still, the poll found that more registered voters believe large corporations and China bear some responsibility for the supply chain issues, at 63 percent and 64 percent, respectively.

Overwhelmingly, 74 percent of voters said the top driver of the supply chain problems are worker shortages and 79 percent blame the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This month, Biden issued remarks from the Port of Baltimore to tout his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. During his remarks, he touched on inflation and the supply chain, saying that people “remain unsettled about the economy” because “everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more.” He suggested that the infrastructure bill could be “progress” to get the economy back on track.

The problem for Democrats is that this was never an issue until they took over.

The American people do not want to lower their standards of living.

Democrats will pay a price at the polls next year for this and other things.


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