POLL: Majority Of Voters Reject Democrat Plan To Federalize Elections

The more the American people know about the Democrat plan to have the federal government take over elections, the less they like it.

A new poll shows that a strong majority opposes the idea completely.

Their plan robs the states of their power to run their own, independent elections.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Majority vote ‘No’ on Democratic plan to federalize elections

A firm majority of voters do not want the federal government involved in all the key aspects of state voting, especially voter registration, according to a new survey provided to Secrets.

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In one finding that rejects Democratic voting reform efforts in Washington, a whopping 67% rejected any proposal to let the president use the Justice Department to sue states over registration efforts the White House disagrees with.

Overall, 58% want Uncle Sam’s hands off state registration procedures, according to the survey provided by the Center for Excellence in Polling, a project of the Foundation for Government Accountability.

“Research from the Center for Excellence in Polling clearly shows that removing state control from the regulation of election processes such as voter registration is unpopular among a bipartisan coalition of voters,” said Nick Stehle, FGA spokesman.

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“Policymakers should keep this in mind when passing legislation related to election reform,” he added.

The Democrat plan would be a recipe for disaster. Also, don’t we have other issues to deal with right now?

Of course, one of the biggest problems is that half of the country does not trust the Democrats on this issue.

And why should they?


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