POLL: Republican Kari Lake Takes 11 POINT LEAD In Arizona Governor Race

Republican Kari Lake has taken the governor race in Arizona by storm.

According to a new poll, she now has an eleven point lead, which is just amazing.

It looks like the decision not to debate is seriously wounding Democrat Katie Hobbs.

FOX 10 in Arizona reports:

2022 Arizona Election Poll: Lake leads governor’s race, Senate race tightens

A new FOX 10 InsiderAdvantage poll shows the race for Governor – widening a bit. But the race for U.S. Senate is turning into a dead heat.

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With less than 2 weeks to go before the November election, Republican Kari Lake leads Democrat Katie Hobbs by 11 percentage points. Only about 2% of voters are undecided. Pollster Matt Towery believes that Hobbs’ reluctance to debate Lake may be a reason why the gap has widened in recent weeks. According to InsiderAdvantage, Lake is polling higher among older adults and Hispanics.

This is fantastic news for Republicans.

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The left is absolutely terrified of her. This is from Time Magazine:

An anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix until last year, Lake has been a fixture in Arizona homes for more than a quarter of a century. Since then, she’s parlayed what may matter most in today’s Republican Party—the ability to captivate an audience—into a startling political ascent. Polls show her locked in a dead heat with Democrat Katie Hobbs in the race to lead a key battleground state. That prospect electrifies the right and terrifies the left.

If elected, Lake, 53, would oversee Arizona’s next election—a source of profound anxiety for Democrats and some Republicans, who worry that Lake would subvert the will of the voters in 2024. Lake has said Joe Biden “lost the election and shouldn’t be in the White House,” and claimed that she wouldn’t have certified Biden’s Arizona victory in 2020. Liz Cheney, the Republican vice chair of the House panel investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, is among those who have cast Lake as a threat to American democracy.

They better get used to the idea of her being governor.


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