Poll Suggests Voters Detest Agenda Of Democrats Running In 2020

While Democrats and their media allies are laying the groundwork for the 2020 campaign, many American voters are recoiling from the agenda that’s being pushed.

And this finding isn’t coming from FOX News. It’s from liberal National Public Radio.

The American Thinker reports:

Good luck with that, Democrats: NPR poll indicates voters detest their agenda

Democratic presidential candidates are operating a strange inward-curving groupthink world, each focused on his rival, each trying to out-left-wing the next guy in order to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

At last month’s debates, when the MSNBC moderator asked how many of them wanted free health care for illegals, every hand went up in unison.

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It was the defining picture of today’s Democrats: obedient, lockstep, peer-obsessed, and each of them as eager to please as schoolboys. What voters think is kind of a second thought.

They point to this report from Townhall:

New Poll Just Obliterated The Core Of The 2020 Democratic Agenda

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If you’re President Donald Trump, you’re feeling pretty good. While polling hasn’t been your best friend, Mr. President, you should take note of the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. It nukes the core of the 2020 Democratic agenda. Two of the Left’s major pieces for their 2020 election goodie bag, Medicare for all, health care for illegals, and slave reparations, totally trashed.

On the former, even minority voters aren’t sure about Medicare for all, with 46 percent saying it’s a good idea to 49 percent who disagree. As of now, more voters think that Democrats would take this country in the wrong direction, 48/43 right/wrong.

On health care for illegals, 62 percent say it’s a bad idea, including 47 percent of moderate Democrats and 67 percent of independents. That’s a kryptonite issue.

Sixty-seven percent are opposed to the Democratic plan to decriminalize illegal border crossings, with 47 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of minatory voters opposing the left-wing push for open borders. Oh, and 37 percent of progressive Democrats, the Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez wing, also agree; decriminalizing border crossings is a trash idea.

It’s stunning that the Democrats can’t see this for themselves.

Their hatred of Trump has blinded them to reason.


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