POLL: Support For Impeachment Plummets Along With Public’s Faith In Mueller

The left thinks the whole country is on board with their agenda to impeach Trump but they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, a new poll finds support for impeachment, and Mueller is sinking fast.

Townhall reports:

Hmm: New Poll Shows Plummeting Support for Impeachment, Less Public Faith in Mueller

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll isn’t terribly forgiving to President Trump, whose overall job approval took a beating during the longest-ever partial government shutdown. It’s true that another major survey showed Nancy Pelosi even deeper underwater after the 35-day face-off, but she isn’t facing a nationwide re-election campaign next year. At least one element of the Post/ABC findings will come as welcome news at the White House, however:

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In August, this series showed a thin plurality (49/46) in favor of impeachment proceedings. Since then, that spread has shifted from (+3) to (-15), a major swing. We examined the phenomenon of falling impeachment enthusiasm last month, postulating that House Democrats’ midterm victory played a significant role in releasing some anti-Trump steam in the realm of public sentiment. Other contributing factors include investigation burnout, and concerns about ‘mission creep.’ The new survey shows that a majority of voters favor Democrats’ efforts to force the president to produce his tax returns, yet many fear opposition overreach: “A 46 percent plurality suspect Democrats will “go too far” in their inquiries of Trump, while just over one-third think they will handle it about right.”

When you factor the booming economy and record low unemployment into this scenario, Trump surely does even better. The real problem for Democrats is that they simply still haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 election.


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