POLL: Voters Trust Republicans More Than Democrats To Handle Inflation, Crime, Other Top Issues

A new poll from FOX News finds that most voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle issues like inflation, crime, the economy, and other issues most important in the 2022 election.

Liberals will scoff at this because it’s a FOX News poll, but conservatives know that FOX News polls are notoriously liberal.

This is just more bad news for Democrats as the country limps towards the midterms.

FOX News reports:

Fox News Poll: More voters put trust in Republicans to handle inflation, crime

A large majority of voters say the economy is in bad shape. Two-thirds are pessimistic about conditions. Gas and grocery prices are a major problem for most families. And a growing number of voters feel they are losing ground financially.

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That’s the grim backdrop for the upcoming midterm elections, according to the latest Fox News national survey.

Forty-seven percent feel they are falling behind financially, up 20 points compared to last June. Some 42% are holding steady, while only 10% are getting ahead…

Voters see Democrats as better at handling the issues of climate change (by 15 points), abortion (D+8), voting rights (D+6), election integrity (D+3), and coronavirus (D+3).

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The Republican issue advantages are larger and, importantly, on the top issue. They are preferred on inflation (R+19 points), border security (R+19), crime (R+13), and foreign policy (R+8).

Democrats have been screaming about “our democracy” for a year and a half, but Republicans even have an advantage on that issue!

The Federalist reports:

After A Year Of Democrats Hyperventilating Over Jan. 6, Voters Trust Republicans More To ‘Protect Democracy’

For all the showmanship presented by the Jan. 6 Committee for the supposed sake of saving American democracy, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to preserve the bedrock function of the republic.

According to a new Fox News poll out Wednesday, 46 percent of registered voters said Republicans would “do a better job” on the “preservation of democracy,” compared to 45 percent who said the same of Democrats. Three percent said the two parties were equal in their democratic commitment and 6 percent were unsure.

Just amazing.

The midterms look better for the GOP every week.


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