POLLING PROBLEM? Elizabeth Warren Already Walking Back Her ‘Medicare For All’ Plan

Elizabeth Warren is suddenly tweaking her fix for healthcare.

Someone must have shared some bad polling data with her, because she is retreating on her ‘Medicare-for-all’ plan.

This is from the liberal publication The New Republic:

Elizabeth Warren Retreats From Medicare for All

“Why would anyone go through all the trouble of running for president just to get up on stage and talk about what’s not possible?” This is the question Elizabeth Warren posed to thumb-faced millionaire John Delaney at a Democratic debate in July, as paraphrased by her campaign in a tweet, in response to Delaney’s characterization of bold policies as “impossible promises.”

And yet it is the logic of possible and impossible, of disarming yourself in an attempt to appease your opponent before you’ve met upon the battlefield, that undergirds Warren’s newly released plan to split up the passage of Medicare for All into two steps: First, the enactment of a public option and then, two years later, the passage of a separate bill to achieve single-payer.

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It signals that Warren believes that only a public option is possible, without requiring her to say so out loud.

Warren has struggled to voice unequivocal support for single-payer. In March, she said there were “different pathways” to universal coverage, including expanding Medicaid and a buy-in mechanism.

A little later in the article, they really sock it to her:

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Her latest proposal, then, is smoke and mirrors, a red herring—any cliche you like. It looks as if Warren’s feet of clay have returned, and that this proposal merely allows her to continue to claim that she supports Medicare for All.

Some people on the left are very disappointed in her for flip-flopping on this issue.

This is the far left Jacobin Magazine. Read the caption:

Warren is like a lot of other politicians.

Her ideas depend on who she is talking to at that time.


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