Polling Shows Biden Losing Young Voters, Women, Minorities And Union Members

Joe Biden is losing support in every direction.

Many of the voting blocs that Democrats depend upon in every election are backing away from Biden and his party.

This is a disaster for Democrats and it’s all of their own making.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden’s base abandoning him: Youth, women, minorities, and unions

President Joe Biden will need a lot more than a plea of “C’mon man” to bring his base back.

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In new polling provided exclusively to Secrets, he is losing support among younger voters, suburbanites, women, minorities (especially Hispanics), and union members.

And the reason is simple: They think the country is headed in the wrong direction, and by a country mile.

Two polls from Zogby Analytics lay out the problems facing Biden. In one sizing up the economy, just 27% believe the country is headed in the right direction, down from 51% just a year ago.

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In the other, just 43% approve of Biden’s job performance, and 49% don’t. He is underwater with most groups, even Hispanics, among whom 45% disapprove and 44% approve.

“It is almost summer, and the temperatures are heating up, but President Biden’s job approval continued to be chilly and underwater,” said Jonathan Zogby’s analysis.

As with other polls, Biden’s situation is worse than it was for former President Donald Trump at this stage of his presidency. At this point, 46% approved of Trump, and 51% disapproved.

Zogby found that inflation is affecting Biden’s approval ratings and the direction of the country most.

This just reinforces the feeling of many people that Biden won’t run again in 2024.

How could Biden run again when he is bleeding so much support?


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