Polling Trends On Impeachment Are Very Bad News For Democrats

Democrats has such high hopes for themselves but it just isn’t working out.

They thought that if they impeached Trump, that the country would be with them and they could use it to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. Instead it is all backfiring.

Townhall has details:

The Polling Trend on Impeachment Shows the True Impact of the Democrats’ Sham

If the Democrat establishment thought that their chances of ousting President Trump were slim a few months ago, the latest polls prove that their obstructionist agenda is utterly hopeless — other than a contingent of radical leftists, Americans have officially lost any belief in the Democrats’ partisan impeachment sham.

Of course, there is a good reason why the Democrats are losing on impeachment — the entire process has been unjust from the start. “They treated us very unfairly,” President Trump said during an event on Christmas eve.

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“They didn’t give us due process. They didn’t give us a lawyer. They didn’t give us anything. Now they come to the Senate and they want everything.”

The voters, it turns out, were not blind to the Democrat Party’s dirty tricks. According to a recent survey from Gallup, public support for impeachment has now dropped to 46 percent, down six percentage points since the start of the impeachment inquiry.

But that’s not the only bad news for the impeachment-crazed Democrats — the same poll also found that 51 percent of Americans oppose impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office, a five percent increase during the same time period.

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Likewise, Gallup found that President Trump’s approval rating has increased by six percentage points since the launch of the impeachment probe in the fall and is now at 45 percent.

Rep. Steve Scalise makes a great point here:

Democrats have wasted the last three years and have nothing to show for it.

It’s going to hurt them in the fall.


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