Polls Show Trump And Hillary Neck And Neck In Key Battleground States

Trump and Hillary

Democrats are giddy over some recent polls which show Hillary Clinton with a slight lead over Donald Trump but the truth is that he is much more competitive than they would like to admit, especially in key swing states.

CBS News reports:

Poll: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton in tight races in battleground states

Battleground states are called battlegrounds for a reason: They’re often close, and 2016 looks like no exception.

Hillary Clinton holds narrow leads over Donald Trump across a number of key states of Florida (up three points, 44 to 41 percent); Colorado (Clinton 40 percent, Trump 39 percent); Wisconsin (Clinton up 41 percent to 36 percent) and North Carolina, which has flipped back and forth between the parties in the last two elections, where it’s Clinton 44 percent and Trump 42 percent.

In the wake of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom this week, many wondered if the same sentiments that drove voters to leave the UK, such as voter unease about the economic and cultural effects of globalization, were at work in the U.S. presidential election, too.

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Similar sentiments underpin Donald Trump’s general election vote, though there is not yet enough for him to surpass Clinton. Trump is also competitive in large part because of partisanship, as rank-and file Republicans continue to get behind him, even as Republican leaders have been more lukewarm toward the way Trump is running his campaign.

About one-third of voters in these states feel the U.S. has done too much in trying to become part of the global economy; too much to make changes to its culture and values, and encouraged too much diversity of people from different backgrounds. Those sentiments are especially pronounced among Republicans and conservatives in these battleground states, majorities of whom feel that way. And those voters are overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Given the fact that Hillary has the media, academia and Hollywood on her side, she should be way ahead of Trump but she’s not.

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Trump has plenty of time to close the gap and that should scare the hell out of Democrats.


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