Pollster Explains Why All The “Approval Polls” Are Wrong Except One (VIDEO)

Pollster John McLaughlin recently appeared on FOX and Friends where he explained why so many of Trump’s approval polls are wrong. The media is using the same form of deception they used during the election. They massively oversample Democrats.

In the clip below, McLaughlin says:

“The media polls, they should be ashamed of themselves. The same polls that said Hillary Clinton was going to be president, you’re getting these polls like Quinnipiac had only 23 percent Republicans last week. Only 23 percent. Gallup, only 26 percent Republicans. It’s like we’ve gone away, we were 33 percent on election day.

And there’s a Pew poll and “Pew” must stand for stinky poll because they have 51 percent Democrats, so they’re bias skewed polls that the media is not holding accountable that they’re accurate. Because they’re undermining Republicans. They don’t have Trump voters in it, they don’t have Republicans in it.

The Rasmussen poll is right because it’s based on a model from last November.”


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The media has certainly not made any indication that they are any less biased than they were last fall.

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That just lends more credence to McLaughlin’s argument.


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