Pollster Who Predicted 2016 Outcome Says Trump On Track To Win 2020 With Help Of Hidden Voters (VIDEO)

Robert Cahaly works for the Trafalgar Group, which predicted Trump’s victory in 2016.

He recently appeared on the Sean Hannity show and predicted that Trump will again in 2020. Cahaly pointed out that hidden or quiet Trump voters are real because everyone can see how Trump supporters are treated by the radical left.

Is it any wonder why these people wouldn’t respond to polls?

FOX News reports:

Pollster who predicted 2016 result says Trump on track to win again with help of ‘hidden’ support

With two weeks left until Election Day, 35 million Americans having already voted, and most polls showing Joe Biden leading President Trump, Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly told “Hannity” Tuesday the incumbent is likely to be reelected.

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“I see the president winning with a minimum [electoral vote count in the] high 270s and possibly going up significantly higher based on just how big this undercurrent is,” Cahaly told host Sean Hannity.

The Georgia-based Trafalgar Group drew national attention in 2016 as one of the few pollsters showing Trump leading in Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan on the eve of voting day. Trump swept all three states en route to his stunning win over Hillary Clinton.

This year, Cahaly said he was “not even going to try” to predict when results will be finalized due to the large amount of mail-in balloting necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic…

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“What we’ve noticed is that these polls are predominantly missing the hidden Trump vote,” Cahaly explained. “There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people that are for the president that they’re not interested in sharing their opinions readily … These people … are more hesitant to participate in polls. So if you’re not compensating for this … you’re not going to get honest answers.”

Watch the video below:

The Trafalgar Group shows Trump leading in Michigan.

And within the margin of error in Pennsylvania.

It all depends on Trump supporters coming out to vote.


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