PREDICTABLE: Liberal Outlets Rush To Declare Elizabeth Warren Winner Of First 2020 Dem Debate

In a development which should surprise absolutely no one, liberal outlets rushed to declare Elizabeth Warren the winner of the first Democrat debate.

This was decided ahead of time, which is obvious since Warren was given the center spot, as well as the first and last words of the entire event.

Even so, her fans in media rushed to prop up her mediocre performance.

VOX wrote:

Elizabeth Warren proved she’s ready for the big show

Elizabeth Warren not only served as the literally and metaphorically central figure of the opening Democratic debate, but also took a few clear steps toward demonstrating that she’s ready to compete with President Trump on the general election stage.

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Warren showed early in the debate what everyone knows — that she has a keen mind and a passion for restraining corporate power and plutocracy. But what Democrats wonder about Warren is whether she’s a winner, especially when she has to play outside her comfort zone of business regulation.

Wednesday night, she did that — addressing a core worry of Bernie Sanders supporters, elegantly sidestepping an intraparty spat over immigration, and, perhaps most interestingly of all, refusing to go far left on guns even when doing so would have been an easy applause line. Warren skillfully hewed to a moderate course while still sounding like a solid progressive. It’s not easy to pull that off. And it’s what it takes to win a presidential election.

Slate wrote:

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Elizabeth Warren Stands Alone

Yes, it was definitely a kids’ table debate, a thirst-off of manufactured energy among nine candidates trying to elevate themselves in the conversation. And then there was Elizabeth Warren…

Rising above this debate between nine lower- or middle-tier candidates needing something to happen was Warren, who doesn’t need anything to happen except to continue gaining a point or two each week, as she’s already doing. While her night wasn’t perfect, in part because she was unlucky to land at a different debate than the front-runners, she adequately pounced on her opportunities and, more importantly, got the hell out of the way when the lesser candidates forced themselves to get frisky with each other.

While I think she got robbed by not landing on a stage with her equals in the first tier, she did the best she could with the card she had been dealt: She rose above the thirst.

The Hill wrote:

Warren shines in first Democratic debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) delivered a standout performance in the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate, making the most of her time onstage as the lone top contender on Wednesday night.

Heading into the debate, there were questions about whether Warren, who has been climbing in the polls, would be hurt by not appearing on the second night alongside other top-tier candidates such as former Vice President Joe Biden, who is the front-runner, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D).

But Warren was sharp, energetic and often stood above the fray as many of her rivals bickered and declined to challenge her policies, even when they had previously disagreed with her.

Stay tuned to see what happens on Thursday night.


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