Pro-Abortion Pete Buttigieg Says Life Doesn’t Begin Until A Baby Takes Its First Breath (VIDEO)

How do people take Pete Buttigieg seriously?

The South Bend mayor recently suggested that life only begins when a baby takes its first breath.

He even claims there’s evidence of this in the Bible. Wow.

Hot Air reports:

Buttigieg On Abortion: Parts Of The Bible Say That Life Begins At Breath, You Know

Thus spaketh the holiest man in progressive America, a guy whose shtick all year on the trail has been to try to put religious conservatives on defense by insisting that he’s a better Christian than they are. That’s clever for many reasons, starting with the fact that talking often about his faith is a way for Buttigieg to blunt attacks that a gay man can’t properly govern a Christian country like the United States.

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It’s also clever in appealing on a gut level to Democrats, who’ve been lectured for decades by the religious right on their moral failings. Now here comes Mayor Pete to assure them that they, not Republicans, are the true followers of Christ’s example. Imagine how gratifying that must be for them.

He’s not going to be the nominee but he might end up carving out a niche as a surrogate next year in which he travels around reminding Democratic audiences that, as it happens, their policy preferences match up letter-perfectly with “true Christianity” the way Jesus wanted people to practice it.

Watch the video:

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Check out some of the responses to this:

It sounds like Mayor Pete needs to go back to Sunday school.

And science class.


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