Professor Alan Dershowitz: The Media Gets An “F” For Its Coverage Of Mueller (VIDEO)

Law professor Alan Dershowitz is a liberal, but he has been extremely critical of the Mueller Investigation and the way it was handled.

Now that it’s over, he is criticizing the media for the way they covered it, and he’s exactly right.

Real Clear Politics has details:

Dershowitz: Media Gets “F” Grade On Mueller Coverage, CNN Chose To Trust Avenatti Over Me

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: I think I’ve always tried to be objective. I am neutral and nonpartisan when it comes to analyzing the law, and every single one of the predictions I have made over the last two years has come true. I predicted, for example, this report would be very critical of the president but would not find evidence of illegal collusion or obstruction of justice.

I made probably a dozen predictions over the years and every one of them has been true because I’m not any smarter than anyone else, but I don’t let my politics influence my legal analysis. I don’t allow wishful thinking to substitute for careful legal analysis. And what happened as a result of that is, for example, CNN, which used to have me on all the time, on Anderson Cooper, on Cuomo, on Lemon, as a centrist analyst, decided no, no, it is okay to have extreme Trump supporters to use them as kind of stick figure exhibits, and then everybody else will do the narrative of CNN. What they didn’t want was a centrist liberal who went against their narrative.

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HOWARD KURTZ: Do you know, you’ve said the CNN president Jeff Zucker essentially ordered you banned after you took these positions, but do you know that for a fact, or is that a supposition?

DERSHOWITZ: I do know that for a fact, I’ve been told that by several people within CNN. He told me the opposite when I met him in the elevator one day. I asked him, ‘how come I’m not on anymore?’ And he said ‘No, no, no, you’ll be on.’ But since the summer I have never been on a single time. I’ve been on all the other networks repeatedly, but clearly, they made a decision. They did not want my kind of analysis.

Watch the video:

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Dershowitz recently wrote about some of his thoughts on Mueller in a column.

From The Hill:

Alan Dershowitz: Who won, who lost in Mueller report

Now that the Mueller report has been released, the spin game begins. Each side has been given sufficient material in the report to claim victory and to attack the other side.

President Trump has said this was a good day. And it was, from a legal point of view. The report concluded that there is absolutely no evidence that anyone in his campaign (or any other American) illegally conspired with Russian operatives who were determined to try to influence the outcome of the election. That is the good news for Trump. It vindicates him legally on his claim from Day One that there was no collusion.

The bad news is that the report contains information – much of which has been disputed by the Trump legal team – of non-criminal, but not very nice, behavior on the part of the president and some of his associates. Such conduct includes repeated misstatements about who knew what regarding meetings and other contacts.

On balance, however, President Trump comes out way ahead on the Russia collusion issue. Putting aside legalisms, it really appears as if there was no actual collusion.

This is why the media wanted to ignore Dershowitz.

He defied their narrative.


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