Professor Convicted Of Spraying Fake Blood On NRA Official’s Home

Too many people teaching in our colleges and universities are far left radicals. The professor in this story is a classic example. She sprayed fake blood on the home of an NRA official. And there were children in the house when she did it!

FOX News reports:

Professor found guilty of spraying fake blood at NRA lobbyist’s home

A sociology professor from Nebraska who was accused of spraying fake blood on the steps of a National Rifle Association lobbyist’s home in January was convicted Monday of misdemeanor destruction of property.

Patricia Hill, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member, was ordered to pay a $500 fine and stay away from lobbyist Chris Cox after she vandalized his home in Alexandria, Va.

She already had a temporary restraining order that prohibits her from going near Cox’s wife’s business or the NRA offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The court also issued Hill a warrant for an additional vandalism charge regarding a similar incident in October.

Wyatt Delaney, a security guard who testified in court, said he recognized the professor from a similar incident last year. He described the spray she used on Cox’s home as a “red, gel-like substance.”…

The incident reportedly upset the Cox family. Chris Cox testified that his two young kids were at home during the incident.

Should this woman really be shaping young minds as a teacher?



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