Professors Complain New Obama Center Won’t Benefit Local Area

Plans for the new Obama library and center in Chicago are meeting objections from an unlikely source. Professors who teach at the University of Chicago are saying the center won’t bring any benefit to the area.

FOX News reported:

Lavish Obama Center hits mounting opposition in Chicago as profs blast plans, ‘socially regressive’ ideas

Plans for the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago are coming under fire amid concerns about the cost and doubts about the benefits for the local area, with a group of professors from the school where Barack Obama once taught slamming one proposal as “socially regressive.”

The former president said in a video statement released Tuesday that he had been “pretty hands-on” with the project and had high hopes for what it could do for the local area.

“Michelle and I want this center to be more than just a building,” Obama said. “We want to create an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago, a cultural attraction that showcases the South Side to the rest of the world.”…

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But in an open letter published Monday, more than 100 University of Chicago professors and faculty members said they share the concerns of a wide range of neighborhood and activist groups that “the Obama Center as currently planned will not provide the promised development or economic benefits to the neighborhoods” on the South Side of Chicago.

They complain that since the center will be located near an existing museum and the University of Chicago, there will be no land to start new businesses or restaurants nearby.

It’s amazing that these folks are complaining about something that’s meant to honor Obama.

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Can you imagine this happening a few years ago?



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