Protesters Interrupt Attorney General Confirmation Hearing, Shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ (VIDEO)

If there was any doubt Trump protesters are organized, it was apparent during the Attorney General confirmation hearing today.

While Senator Ted Cruz was addressing Senator Sessions, four protesters stood up in succession and shouted.

The first called Senator Sessions a “racist” and shouted, “Black Lives Matter.”

That protester must have missed this picture (via National Review) of Senator Sessions at Selma:

The second protester was this lady shouting something incomprehensible:

There was a third protester that was taken away too quickly to hear.

And then, here’s the fourth:

As soon as one protester was taken away, the next protester started. Obviously organized.

Meanwhile, Senator Sessions took the time to write down some notes.

Watch the video (via C-SPAN):

After the protesters were removed, Senator Cruz said, “Free speech is a wonderful thing.”

So is respect!

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