Race Baiter In Chief Obama Calls Donald Trump a Bigot (VIDEO)

Obama Trump bigot

President Obama once told Hispanics to “vote against their enemies” and referred to his own grandmother as a “typical white person.” He also spent years sitting in the racist church of Jeremiah Wright but as we’ve come to learn over the years, he has no self awareness and no sense of shame.

The gall of this man to call Trump a bigot.

CNN reports:

Obama previews stump speech: No time for ‘charlatans’

Delayed from hitting the presidential campaign trail, President Barack Obama previewed his 2016 stump speech Friday for an incumbent governor instead, using a fundraiser here to hit Republicans for dividing the country and lambasting “charlatans” who seek personal gain from exploiting fears.

Declaring GOP rhetoric a detriment to progress, Obama even borrowed Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan of “stronger together” to argue for unity in the country.

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“We don’t have time for charlatans and we don’t have time for bigotry and we didn’t have time for film-flam and we don’t have the luxury of just popping off and saying whatever comes to the tops of our heads,” Obama said during the Friday evening event, held for 3,000 supporters of Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat.

Watch the video:

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Obama has set back race relations in America by dividing people against each other throughout his presidency.

He’s the last person who should be accusing anyone of bigotry.



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