Radio Host Who Interviewed Elizabeth Warren: ‘She Hasn’t Apologized for Native American Claim In Real Way’ (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, a radio host named Charlemagne tha god interviewed Elizabeth Warren and asked some very frank questions about her claims of Native American ancestry. It was a very awkward exchange.

He recently did an interview on CNN and was asked about the interview.

He does not believe she has satisfied the questions around this issue.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Radio Host: Warren Hasn’t Apologized for Native American Claim ‘In a Real Way’

Radio host and rapper Charlamagne tha God expanded his criticisms of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) Thursday night, saying the 2020 hopeful has yet to apologize for her false claims to Native American heritage “in a real way.”

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Charlamagne first grilled Warren on his show, The Breakfast Club, in late May, telling her past claims of Native American heritage made her sound like “the original Rachel Dolezal,” a white woman who pretended to be black to advance in the NAACP. Warren replied, saying that a Boston Globe investigation showed that she never benefited from this claim.

During a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s OutFront, Charlamagne told host Erin Burnett that he did not believe Warren has been totally straightforward about why she had claimed to be a Native American.

“You know, Elizabeth Warren, like I said, she has so much policies and plans and everything else is so detailed when you ask her about something,” he said. “But when you ask her about that, she says, ‘Oh, that’s just what I learned from my family.’ There are so many other questions can you ask. Like, so did the rest of your family find out they weren’t Native American when you did? I definitely don’t buy her answer.”

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Watch the video:

Meanwhile Warren is still doing everything she can to attack the Trump administration.

Maybe she should focus more on her own issues.


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