Rand Paul Calls Out Democrats Over Sham Impeachment Of Trump In Epic Speech (VIDEO)

Senator Rand Paul called out Democrats over their sham impeachment of Trump in one of the best speeches so far in 2021.

Paul pointed out the double standard of all the Democrat inspired violence we have seen and used specific examples, like the Bernie Supporter who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and Maxine Waters urging supporters to accost members of the Trump team.

Rand Paul deserves a lot of credit for this speech, he hit every note.

The Washington Examiner has details:

Rand Paul slams ‘sham’ impeachment in fiery floor speech urging colleagues to end the ‘kangaroo court’

Sen. Rand Paul took aim at Democrats on the Senate floor for what he called a “partisan” impeachment push that would only help further “divide the country.”

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“Democrats claim to want to unify the country, but impeaching a former president, a private citizen, is the antithesis of unity,” Paul said…

“Impeachment is for removal from office, and the accused here has already left office,” Paul said. “Hyperpartisan Democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol, the likes of which has never been seen in our nation’s history.”

“Instead of doing the nation’s work with their new majorities in the House, Senate, and the executive branch, Democrats are wasting the nation’s time on a partisan vendetta against a man no longer in office,” Paul argued…

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“But what of Democrat words?” Paul asked. “What of Democrat incitement to violence? No Democrat will honestly ask whether Bernie Sanders incited the shooter that nearly killed Steve Scalise and a volunteer coach.”

“The shooter nearly pulled off a massacre, I was there, because he fervently believed the false and inflammatory rhetoric spewed by Bernie and other Democrats — such as ‘The Republican healthcare plan for the uninsured is that you die,’” Paul continued. “As this avowed Bernie supporter shot Steve Scalise … he screamed, ‘This is for healthcare!'”

Watch this whole thing:

Later in the day, Paul tweeted this, saying impeachment was all but dead in the Senate:

Other Republicans should pay close attention to this. Paul emerged as a leader.


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