Rand Paul Calls Out ‘Sour Grapes’ Mitt Romney For Going After Trump

Mitt Romney is being called out be fellow Republican Rand Paul over his Washington Post column criticizing President Trump. Paul says that Romney just has sour grapes over Trump succeeding where he failed.

The Daily Caller reports:


Republican Sen. Rand Paul criticized Republican Sen.-elect Mitt Romney on Wednesday for writing an anti-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post.

In a press call, Paul suggested that the 2012 GOP presidential candidate may be experiencing “sour grapes” against Trump because Romney was not able to achieve the presidency after multiple attempts.

“It may be sour grapes not having won the presidency himself,” Paul told reporters on the press call when asked about Romney lashing out at Trump after accepting multiple endorsements from Trump in his political career.

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Romney lost in a lopsided race in 2012 to President Obama.

Paul continued, saying he also believes “it’s virtue signaling. ‘Look at me, how virtuous I am.’”

Paul went on to say that the op-ed, “does not serve a useful purpose,” adding, “It’s Not useful. Not good for the country. Not good for the Republican party. I hope this will be a one-off.”

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When asked if Romney had intentions to run in 2020, Paul remarked that Trump’s election victory was “extraordinary” and that a “run-of-the-mill establishment Republican” could never have won in 2016. Paul himself ran in 2016 and sparred often with then-candidate Trump.

Rand Paul spoke for millions of Americans by saying this. Romney made a very poor decision.


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