RATINGS DUD: MSNBC Democrat Debate Draws Smallest Audience So Far

If ratings are any indication of public interest, and they are, Democrats should be concerned about how many people did not bother to watch the MSNBC debate on Wednesday night.

The event drew the lowest ratings of any debate so far in this election season.

Variety reports:

MSNBC Democratic Debate Captured 6.5 Million Viewers, Lowest in Current Cycle

MSNBC’s Wednesday-night broadcast of the latest Democratic debate won outsized plaudits from media critics, but its viewership does not appear to have reached similar heights.

According to data measured by Nielsen, the cable-news outlet’s telecast captured just 6.5 million viewers overall and a little more than 1.67 million among viewers between 25 and 54, the demographic coveted most by advertisers in news content. The totals would make the event one of the least-watched in the recent cycle of five Democratic debates that have been offered by the Democratic National Committee in 2019.

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MSNBC declined to offer immediate comment on the numbers.

While a team of four female journalists from NBC News, MSNBC and The Washington Post was praised for its ability to keep topics focused and prone-to-ramble candidates on track, the MSNBC broadcast won fewer viewers than CNN’s October debate telecast held in conjunction with The New York Times (8.55 million) or the second night of CNN’s July telecast (8.64 million).

If you did tune in to the debate, you may know why so many people decided to skip it.

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John Nolte explains at Breitbart:

Nolte: A Night of Softball Questions at the MSNBC-Washington Post Debate

The all-lady moderators for Wednesday night’s MSNBC-Washington Post debate should start a softball league. They sure know how pitch ’em.

It’s not like a Democrat debate hosted by this sorry lot promised any surprises. As any sane person would expect from a debate hosted by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s Kristen Welker, and Ashley Parker of the far-left Washington Post, the questions to the Democrat Party’s sorry excuse for a line-up basically ranged from:

Please tell us how awesome you would be in solving this terrible problem brought on by the Orange Bad Man and his followers.


Please tell us how awesome you would be in bringing together a country destroyed by the Orange Bad Man and his followers.

It was a softball game, when it came to questions.

But Democrats also made a huge mistake by holding too many debates.

Do they really think the American people are going to tune in to hear the same talking points so frequently?


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