Reagan Campaign Manager On Hillary “Deplorables” Statement: “She Will Pay For This”

Ed Rollins, campaign manager for Ronald Reagan in 1984, talked about Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment on Fox today. As reported at The Gateway Pundit, Hillary called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” at a fundraiser Friday night:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attacked supporters of her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying half of them are deplorable, irredeemable and ‘not America’ among other slurs in remarks Clinton made at a high dollar fundraiser held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City that featured Barbra Streisand as the entertainment. With tickets as high as $250,000, a reported $6 million was raised.

Rollins lambasted Hillary for those remarks.

Rollins pointed out that Hillary has a history of name-calling:

I think it’s what she meant. It was a scripted remark. “Deplorable” is a terrible term to use about any Americans. She’s very quick to throw out the title that you’re a “racist” or you’re “deplorable” or you’re “unAmerican” if you’re not for her. And the people that she’s with – she was here for the Barbra Streisand event at the Fashion Week. All the beautiful people raising $6 million. She has spent the last several months in the Hamptons where the rich all go doing these enormous fundraisers. And Trump is out there with real people.

Here’s the video:

Rollins went on to say Trump people don’t want help from the government. Trump supporters want a job. True!

As for the impact on the race, Rollins said:

I think she will pay for this. I would expect this to be an ad somewhere. I think that those people out there that are basically for Trump – and there’s more and more everyday, as we see by the polls – I think they’re gonna take great relish in being called a “Deplorable.” Of course, it’s “deplorable” compared to who? And to the Barbra Streisands and the fashion crowd, maybe we’re all “deplorables.”

We’re all “Deplorables” now!


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