REALLY? CNN’s Erin Burnett Thinks Talking To The Russians IS TREASON (VIDEO)

Erin Burnett of CNN recently spoke with former attorney general Michael Mukasey and tried so hard to make a connection between Trump and the Russians. She made a fool of herself in the process by suggesting that merely talking to Russia is a form of treason.

Mukasey schooled her on the subject.

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

EPIC – Erin Burnett Says Talking to Russians is “Treason” – Gottabe…

Treason I say, T.R.E.A.S.O.N. Oh, stop… my sides hurt. I cannot stop laughing and I’ve watched this video more than a few times.

CNN Dingbat Erin Burnett tries to tell former Attorney General Michael Mukasey that talking to the Russians about the election is a crime, “a crime”… Actually, “Treason”, swear… gottabe.. or something.

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Oh, the look on Mukasey’s face is buckets of funny. “What”? !!

Here’s how Mukasey responded, via CNN:

“Where is the crime? We haven’t even named a crime let alone suggested that charges are going to be brought,” he said.

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Watch the whole video:

This is a perfect example of why people don’t trust CNN anymore.

They’re so busy trying to finally “get” Trump that they don’t even seem rooted in reality anymore.

Who did Erin Burnett think she was going to fool with this garbage?


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