REALLY? Elizabeth Warren Unveils Sweeping New Plan To Help Native Americans

Elizabeth Warren might want to hire some new advisers, because whoever told her to do this should be fired.

Seriously. How does someone who has been dragged by a Native American scandal for years do something like this with a straight face?

The Hill reports:

Warren unveils Native American policy plan

Presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) unveiled a number of policy proposals on Friday aimed at benefitting the Native American community.

The unveiling comes just days before she is set to address Native American advocacy groups in Iowa. Warren’s previous identification as having Native American ancestry had come under intense scrutiny, though she did not address the controversy in her proposal.

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The plan unveiled on Friday, which was first posted by Warren’s campaign on Medium, calls for criminal justice reform on tribal lands, and specifically calls on the Department of Justice “to investigate the epidemic of sexual assaults and murders committed against Native women and prosecute offenders.”

Warren also proposed setting up a system comparable to the Amber Alert system for when children go missing, which would send notifications out for Native Americans.

The senator’s plan also seeks to improve the financial and physical infrastructure of Native American communities, including by legalizing marijuana on tribal property and improving access to electricity and clean drinking water.

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Naturally, her plan does nothing to address her fake Native American ancestry. What a surprise.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Warren’s Indian Country Plan Doesn’t Mention Her Heritage

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) released a detailed plan to address problems in Indian Country in the United States, but declined to mention her own disputed heritage claims that have caused her political embarrassment.

The 2020 presidential candidate wrote the U.S. had to be honest about its systemic mistreatment of American Indians, dating back to before its founding.

“The story of America’s mistreatment of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians is a long and painful one, rooted in centuries of discrimination, neglect, greed, and violence,” she wrote in a Medium post. “Tribal Nations robbed of more than a billion acres of land. Resources seized and sacred sites desecrated. Native languages and religions suppressed. Children literally stolen from communities in an effort to eradicate entire cultures.”

She’s such a fraud.

She is never going to get away from this.


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