REALLY? Juan Williams Claims Parents’ Rights In Education Is ‘Code’ For White Race Politics

We haven’t heard much from Juan Williams since he left the FOX News panel show “The Five” but he is still writing columns.

In a recent piece for the Hill, Williams accused parents who are concerned about education for their kids of engaging in white race politics.

Juan is a man of the left, and this is all the left has to offer.

The Blaze reports:

Juan Williams claims defending parents’ rights is racist dog whistle: ‘Code for white race politics’

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams claimed in a new essay that defending parents’ rights is meant to sow racial division while masquerading “as a defense of little children.”

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What did Williams say?

Parents’ rights have become a prominent issue in recent months as parents nationwide dispute a number of issues impacting schools, including COVID-related restrictions, radical LGBT policies, and certain teachings on race.

But according to Williams, defending parents’ rights — which became a prominent issue in the Virginia gubernatorial race — is a racist dog whistle, or as the headline of his recent essay at The Hill claims, “code for white race politics.”

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“It is a campaign to stop classroom discussion of Black Lives Matter protests or slavery because it could upset some children, especially white children who might feel guilt,” Williams wrote.

By making parents’ rights a prominent issues, Williams charged that “Trump-imitating Republican” have struck “political gold.”

Juan is living proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

It’s amazing that he is still employed at FOX News.


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