Reddit Removes Moderator From Political Forum For Being a Trump Supporter

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The online community of Reddit has a massive forum for Trump supporters but the more generic forum labeled simply as “Politics” is decided;y left wing.

One of the moderators for Reddit Politics was recently removed from his position. His crime? He’s a Trump supporter.

Breitbart reports:

Moderator Removed From Popular Subreddit For Being A Trump Supporter

A moderator of Reddit’s default political discussion board, /r/Politics, has been removed as a mod after voicing his support for Donald J. Trump’s presidential bid.

Jeffrey Minter, known on Reddit under the username /u/Kwiztas, has previously been interviewed by Breitbart in relation to censorship on Reddit and has expressed his support of both Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Donald Trump. He has also previously provided technical support work for Yiannopoulos.

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This apparently made him quite unpopular amongst the /r/Politics moderators, who voted to have him removed as a mod yesterday.

The official reasons given for voting to remove Minter as a mod were that he hadn’t been actively moderating the subreddit enough to warrant his mod title. It was also claimed that he had “misrepresented the mod team” simply by saying “I try my hardest to make /r/Politics MAGA” and discussing other moderators feelings about his support of Trump, saying “They don’t seem to mind that I support Trump… Now I might be in the minority so my say isn’t always listened to when rules are made.”

Moderators also cited Minter’s brief interview with Breitbart as a reason to have him removed as a moderator. It’s long been suspected that /r/Politics looks upon Breitbart in an unfavourable way but this is the first time a connection with Breitbart has been used as a direct reason for demodding a user. When asked for comment on his sudden removal as a moderator, Minter had this to say, “I feel I was blindsided. This came out of nowhere. No one cared what I said when I supported Bernie. No one had issues with my activity then.”

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This has become a typical tactic for the left.

When they can’t win an argument on facts, they just shut people down.



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