REMINDER: Before The Left And The Media Call Trump Divisive Let’s Look At Obama’s Record

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Democrats and their media allies like to call Trump a divisive figure before he’s had a chance to do anything as president. But where have they been for the last eight years?

Obama has been the most divisive president in American history.

That’s the focus of this column from Front Page Mag:


When Obama assumed office in 2009, there were high hopes that the first African American president with bi-racial parents would be able to bridge the racial divide and foster unity in the country. Those hopes were soon dashed. Nearly eight years later, the nation is more polarized than ever, as devastating race riots grip large metropolitan cities with alarming frequency.

Instead of offering hope, Obama gave us demagoguery. Instead of fostering unity he stoked and encouraged divisiveness. Instead of providing concrete solutions, he issued speeches laced with empty rhetoric and platitudes. Instead of calming the nation in times of crisis, he engaged in race baiting.

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The first test of Obama’s seriousness in addressing race relations came just six months after being sworn in. Police officers in Cambridge Massachusetts received a call of a possible burglary in progress and responded. When arriving at the scene, they found Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. trying to force his way into his house through a malfunctioning door. The police were unfamiliar with his identity and asked for identification to establish residency. Gates instantly became irate, indignant and uncooperative. It went downhill from there. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct, though the charges were later dropped.

Read the rest here.

Obama once told his supporters “voting is the best revenge.”

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Obama used the IRS against conservatives.

Obama race baited America over Ferguson.

Let’s keep a little perspective before bashing Trump, shall we?


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