Rep. Chris Stewart Blasts Dems On Impeachment Circus: “Case Is So Weak That You Have To Lie” (VIDEO)

Utah Republican Congressman Chris Stewart slammed Democrats during their impeachment inquiry this week, specifically calling them out for a lack of reasons to impeach.

His full statement was hard hitting.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Utah Rep. Chris Stewart says ‘the coup has started’ during opening day of public impeachment hearings

Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, used his few minutes in the spotlight of the first public impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump to boil the whole issue down to a single phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s leader.

“There is one sentence, one phone call,” Stewart said. “That is what this entire impeachment proceeding is, basically. And I got to tell you, if your impeachment case is so weak that you have to lie and exaggerate about it to convince the American people that they need to remove this president, then you’ve got a problem.”

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Stewart, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, asked only a few questions of the witnesses during his time in the hearing, opting instead to vent about the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry that he characterized as a “coup” against the president (citing a years-old tweet by an attorney now representing a whistleblower who first raised questions about Trump’s call with Zelenskiy).

“We first heard a lot about quid pro quo and then many people realized that was meaningless,” Stewart said. “So they said, ‘Let’s go for the fences and let’s talk about extortion. Let’s talk about bribery. Let’s talk about cover-up and obstruction’ — for which there is zero evidence of any of that.”

See the video below:

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Stewart tweeted about this on his own Twitter account:

Excellent points made all around.


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