Rep. Doug Collins: Democrats Are Trying To Impeach Trump Because They Know They Can’t Beat Him In 2020 (VIDEO)

Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia recently appeared on the FOX Business Network and made a great point about the Democrats and impeachment.

Collins said that the main reason the Democrats are doing this is that they know they can’t beat Trump in 2020.

It certainly looks that way.

Watch the segment below:

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Democrats seem to think they’re helping themselves with this business but that’s a mistake.

Bush speech writer Marc Thiessen recently made this point.

FOX News reports:

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Impeachment ‘much more of a danger’ to Democrats than Republicans, Marc Thiessen says

Democrats are in more electoral danger than Republicans the longer the Trump impeachment inquiry wears on, according to former George W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen.

President Trump’s opponents in the House of Representatives have yet to prove a quid pro quo, let alone an impeachable offense, Thiessen claimed Wednesday on “Special Report.”

“This whole quid pro quo is far from proven and there’s a lot of evidence to push back against it,” he said. “I think the Democrats are in a very bad political position. This is much more of a danger to them than it is the Republicans.”

Thiessen said that in 2018, 31 Democrats were elected in House districts won by Trump in 2016. Those Democrats campaigned, as he put it, “on kitchen table issues.”

“And the Democrats are focused entirely on impeachment — doing nothing on health care, nothing on prescription drugs, nothing on infrastructure, nothing on USMCA,” he added.

“They could lose the House over this.”

Democrats deserve to lose more than the House over this.

They have held the entire country hostage for three years because they still can’t accept the results of the 2016 election.


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