REPORT: Adam Schiff May Have Revealed Classified Information While Trying To Refute Memo

California Democrat Adam Schiff has been going bonkers all week about the release of the FISA abuse memo. It seems in his rush to discredit the document, he may have revealed classified information.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Did Adam Schiff put classified information in press release?

Some experts say the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee may have put classified information in a press release refuting parts of a “FISA abuse” memo declassified by President Trump and released Friday by committee Republicans.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., issued specific challenges to the memo’s accuracy, citing still-classified Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court filings.

“The Republican document mischaracterizes highly sensitive classified information that few Members of Congress have seen, and which Chairman Nunes himself chose not to review,” Schiff said.

The GOP memo says former British spy Christopher Steele’s political opposition research formed the basis for surveillance of former Trump adviser Carter Page. A still-classified Democratic rebuttal memo has not been released.

Schiff cited two specific examples of alleged inaccuracies in the Republican memo, citing his knowledge of the secret court filings.

Do you think any of Schiff’s media pals will ask him about this? Probably not, they all agree with him about the memo anyway.


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