REPORT: Biden Admin Knew About Massive Wave Of Haitian Migrants Coming To The Border

At the end of this summer, when a massive wave of migrants showed up at the southern border, it turned into a humanitarian and national security crisis.

Now it’s coming out that the Biden administration knew they were coming. And it gets worse. Progressives in the Democrat party convinced the Biden administration not to discourage them from coming.

In other words, none of this happened by accident. It was all by design.

Hot Air reports:

US knew about Haitians headed to the border in July but progressives fought efforts to discourage them from coming

Last month, Panama’s foreign minister said she had been warning anyone who would listen for months that tens of thousands of Haitian migrants were headed to the US border. Today NBC News confirms those claims in a report that says US officials knew about the surge of Haitian migrants back in July, months before 15,000 of them wound up camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas…

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The failure to react to the warnings wasn’t simply the result of ignorance. Some within the Biden administration argued that deportations of Haitians who were already in the country illegally could be increased as a way to signal to Haitian migrants in South America that there was no point in coming to the US border. But according to two sources, progressives within the Biden administration fought against that plan and won.

This is from NBC News:

The two officials said some argued that deportations — even of small numbers — would deter more people from coming, particularly Haitians living in South America. Others maintained that it would be inhumane to send Haitians back to a country in turmoil after the assassination of its president and, on Aug. 14, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake.

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Ultimately, the Biden administration opted not to ramp up deportations, and it then halted all deportation flights to the impoverished island country shortly after the earthquake. By mid-September, seeing the large numbers massing in Del Rio, ICE restarted the flights, and it has now deported more than 7,200 migrants to Haiti.

And now… there’s another wave on the way.

This is all being done on purpose.


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