REPORT: Biden Admin Trying To Bring U.S. Back Into Awful Iran Nuclear Deal

Joe Biden and his administration are reportedly trying to bring the United States back into the Iran Nuclear Deal.

This is further proof that Biden is not doing what the majority of the Amrican people want, he is simply doing what far left Democrats want. He doesn’t even seem to be concerned about his plummeting poll numbers.

This administration is run by the far left.

FOX News reports:

Biden administration waives sanctions on Iranian civilian nuclear activities as deal talks hang in balance

The Biden administration has waived sanctions related to Iran’s civilian nuclear activities as part of its efforts to bring the regime back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal – while stressing that the waivers did not equal sanctions relief for Tehran.

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed a waiver that restored the ability of foreign companies and other countries to participate in civilian nuclear and safety projects in Iran without facing U.S. sanction.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the development on Friday, reported that the waivers are aimed at turning Iran’s heavy-water Arak reactor into a less-dangerous light-water reactor, and also applies to the export of enriched uranium and heavy water outside of Iran. The waivers would also allow fuel to be sent to two reactors used for civilian purposes.

A senior State Department official told Fox News Digital that the waivers were due to growing non-proliferation concerns with respect to increasing stockpiles of enriched uranium by Tehran, and that without the waiver, “detailed technical discussions with third parties regarding disposition of stockpiles and other activities of nonproliferation value cannot take place.”

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Who benefits from this the most?

This is madness.


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