REPORT: Chuck Schumer Partnered With Dark Money Group To Smear Republicans

Remember all the times Democrats have said that they want to get ‘dark money’ out of politics?

That’s all an act. Democrats are just fine with dark money when it serves their purposes.

Chuck Schumer has apparently worked closely with a dark money group to target Republicans.

Axios reports:

Dems’ dark-money bid aimed to paint Josh Hawley as an anti-gun lefty

A dark-money group aligned with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer helped pay for deceptive ads aimed at depressing Republican general election turnout in 2018, newly released records show.

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Why it matters: These contests were decided more than two years ago, but the details show how partisan operatives exploited gaps in campaign finance laws to attack their rivals while obscuring their true motives — tactics both sides may adopt in next year’s pivotal midterms.

Republicans Josh Hawley and Mike Braun, now U.S. senators, were among those targeted. So were then-Sen. Dean Heller and now-Rep. Matt Rosendale, who lost their races…

These attacks came not during GOP primaries, but within weeks of the 2018 general election, as Democrats explored ways to drive a wedge between Republican candidates and their most ideologically committed voters.

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There’s even a paper trail for this.

Anyone surprised?

Democrats know that they’re hypocrites, they just don’t care.


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