REPORT: Conservative Cities Are Benefiting From People Fleeing California

California is in rough shape.

It has the highest taxes in the country, a massive homeless problem, and now the threat of dangerous diseases fro rats in some cities.

As a result, people are fleeing the state by the thousands.

Who is benefiting from this? Conservative cities.

The Federalist reports:

How More Conservative Cities Are Benefitting From California’s Demise

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As the once great state of California continues its imperial decline, the cities of the American West are booming. The Golden State is losing its shine and is no longer the magnet of its post-World War II heyday, when American prosperity drew millions to its sunny shores.

Military veterans who had passed through on their way to the South Pacific liked what they saw and returned after the war. Other folks came west as they had in the age of manifest destiny. The state is the epicenter of the birth of 75 million baby boomers.

All that has changed. California, despite its $3 trillion economy, is now routinely described by pundits as the equivalent of a Third World country. It has some of the highest state and local tax rates in the nation.

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Mostly thanks to illegal immigration, 27 percent of people there were born in a foreign country, likely one in Latin America. Sanctuary city policies have increased crime rates, with local municipalities refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain or deport documented criminals.

Some 150,000 homeless people inhabit public places, and cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco are increasingly unlivable, with the latter boasting the highest property crime rates in the country, rampant outdoor sanitation problems, and addiction and mental health problems in much of the homeless demographic.

California needs a serious change in direction.

What will it take for the state to try something different?


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