REPORT: Conservative Grassroots Support Surging For NC Lt. Governor Candidate Mark Robinson

By now, you have probably heard about Mark Robinson, the man who gave a speech at a city council meeting in defense of law abiding gun owners.

When his speech went viral, he decided to run for office.

Now the conservative grassroots are increasingly supporting his campaign.

From the Legal Insurrection blog:

NC Lt. Gov. Candidate Mark Robinson Sees Surge in Conservative Grassroots Support

We have witnessed a lot of wailing and hand-wringing from #NeverTrumpers about the death of conservatism in the “age” of Trump. Never mind that eight years is hardly an “age,” and that’s the maximum Trump can spend as president.

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You’d never know it from the “conservatives” who claim some higher set of principles . . . principles it seems that makes someone with all of Trump’s personality flaws and none of his essential attributes (or even a socialist) a more attractive president than Orange Man Bad.

If anything can kill a conservative movement, it’s a bunch of “conservatives” standing as a bulwark in daily support of socialists and communists. And if anything can push forward a conservative movement, it’s actual conservatives.

Enter Mark Robinson, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in North Carolina. Robinson became a national sensation when he stood before the Greensboro city council and mounted a passionate defense of the Second Amendment.

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Here’s his famous speech:

Conservatives are excited about this man:

Here’s a recent message from Mark:

He’ll be great!


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