REPORT: Democrat Debate Over Far Left Policies Is Driving Working Class Voters And Independents To Trump

Every time the Democrats debate, they help Trump without even knowing it.

While they talk about things like taking away private insurance and providing health care for illegal immigrants, they are driving working class Americans and independent voters right into Trump’s hands.

Politico reports:

Trump sees his base growing from Democratic sparring

When the Democrats running for president all agreed at their first debate — via a raised hand — that public health insurance should cover undocumented immigrants, the Trump campaign saw an opening.

The campaign war room immediately clipped the video and shared it on social media. President Donald Trump tweeted about it. It was a tactic, people assumed, to rile up Trump’s steadfast but limited base ahead of 2020.

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Inside the Trump campaign, though, officials thought they were actually growing that base.

According to four people involved with or close to the Trump campaign, the president’s reelection team believes trumpeting these moments will help win over a certain type of voter that could help carry him to a second term. It’s the voter who might be wary of Trump, but is more alarmed by a Democratic Party they feel is drifting dangerously to the left.

The campaign thinks blasting out these buzzy responses — one outside adviser specifically pointed to Julián Castro’s endorsement of abortion rights for the transgender community — will actually help Trump add key demographics to his die-hard supporters. In particular, they’re targeting working-class voters and union members who declined to support Trump in the Rust Belt states he won in 2016 — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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Politico isn’t the only outlet saying this.

Here’s a recent report from McClatchy:

2020 Democrats keep shifting left. Moderates fret they’ll shift even further at next debate

Last month, Democratic candidates debated — and in many cases, embraced — issues like eliminating private health insurance and decriminalizing illegal border crossings that are unpopular with the broader electorate.

Even some of those who will participate in the debate are unsure where the conversation will move next.

“This primary is becoming about moving the goalposts on these issues,” said John Delaney, one of the presidential race’s most outspoken moderate candidates. “And you never know what the next one is going to be.”

Primaries traditionally encourage candidates to back policy proposals that appeal more to the party’s ideologically fervent base than moderates In most cases, whoever emerges as the eventual nominee inevitably pivots back toward the center for the general election.

But centrist Democrats say the last debate was, even for a primary, unusually fixated on subjects that either didn’t interest or outright repelled voters in the middle of the political spectrum.

Democrats can’t help themselves.

They only seem to care about their far left base.


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