REPORT: Democrats Now Contemplating ‘Nightmare’ Of Brokered Convention

Democrats have a serious problem.

Because of the rules that govern their party, they may reach the date of their convention without a nominee. That means they would have a brokered convention and that would not work out well, especially this year.

This used to be unthinkable, but now many Democrats see it as a real possibility.

The Hill reports:

Former skeptics now warning of brokered convention ‘nightmare’ for Democrats

Democrats who were initially skeptical of the prospects for a brokered convention now see it as a likelier scenario with eight candidates still battling it out for the nomination.

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As the Nevada caucuses approach, strategists say it’s becoming clear that none of the Democratic candidates are likely to win the majority of the delegates before the convention in July.

Democratic strategist Eddie Vale said he was once “extremely skeptical” of a brokered convention.

But lately, particularly with the Democratic Party requiring a proportional allocation of delegates, “it’s definitely seeming like it could happen.”

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One Democrat who worked on two campaigns for former President Obama called a brokered convention “the biggest nightmare Democrats can imagine.”

“If you want to see a complete shit show, tune in to the brokered convention,” the Democrat said.

Adam Parkhomenko, who worked on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, said “this is currently heading for a convention fight at this rate.”

“If the number of candidates scoring in the double-digits that are splitting delegates continue to do so through Super Tuesday and beyond, it’s just math, unless all of a sudden a number of candidates drop out,” he said.

Just imagine this scenario:

Democrats would potentially have a riot on their hands.



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