REPORT: Donald Trump Now Suing CNN For Defamation

Donald Trump is now reportedly suing CNN for defamition in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

It’s not surprising, given all of the awful things the network has said about him over the years.

This could potentially make things a little tricky for CNN if Trump decides to run again. How will they cover him?

Breitbart News reports:

Donald Trump Sues CNN in $475 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump is suing CNN in a $475 million defamation lawsuit, according to a complaint filed in federal court on Monday.

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The lawsuit focuses on the network’s characterization of Trump as being a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and its “persistent association” of Trump to Adolf Hitler and Nazism.

“[T]he time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements made about me and both, directly and indirectly, my strong, devoted, and patriotic supporters,” Trump said in a statement released shortly after his attorneys filed the lawsuit.

Trump accused CNN of using its “massive influence—purportedly as a “trusted” news source—to defame the Plaintiff in the minds of its viewers and readers for the purpose of defeating him politically,” according to the complaint…

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Trump’s lawsuit points to several examples of CNN likening Trump to Hitler, notably over the network’s use of the phrase the “Big Lie,” which refers to Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

As Trump’s complaint noted, “The ‘Big Lie’ is a direct reference to a tactic employed by Adolf Hitler and appearing in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.”

See more details below:

CNN worked very hard for this. They deserve it.


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