Report: Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Lies May Hurt Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren indian

Hillary Clinton already has a major trust problem with American voters but her cozy relationship with Elizabeth Warren, who lied about being a Native American, could actually make it worse.

The Boston Herald reports:

Special Report: Heritage flap may sow distrust for Liz Warren

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s mysterious Native American back story could inflate the voter distrust already plaguing Hillary Clinton’s campaign — and even overshadow the former first lady as Donald Trump ratchets up his “fake Indian” rhetoric.

“It’s like we’re cannon fodder,” said Cherokee Twila Barnes of the explosive exchanges between Warren and Trump that have dominated the 2016 campaign. Warren’s claim of Native American heritage, first reported by the Boston Herald, has become a flash point in the race and Trump has even dubbed the Bay State senator, “Pocahontas.”

Barnes added, “We’re being hurled back and forth, but no one is listening to our voice.”

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What’s been lost in the political clashes, said Barnes, is that Warren refuses to release university records that would clear up whether she used her heritage to benefit her career.

Warren, whose 2012 campaign appeared to be broadsided by the controversy, changed her story several times about whether she had listed herself as a Native American and whether she told Harvard Law School and other universities about her heritage.

The senator listed herself as Native American in the Association of American Law Schools directory between 1986 and 1995, a publication used by law schools as a hiring tool. She later admitted that she told faculty at Harvard Law School and the University of Pennsylvania about her heritage, but said she didn’t tell them until after they hired her.

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“More than any racial issue, it goes back to credibility,” said Barnes, who added that even if Warren has a small amount of American Indian background, she shouldn’t have listed herself as Native American while law schools were hungry for minority hires.

Some people have speculated that Warren could be Hillary Clinton’s VP pick but that’s unlikely.

Hillary would never share the ticket with someone who would outshine her and despite all of Warren’s lies, she is adored by the far left base of the Democratic Party.


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