REPORT: Hillary Clinton Allegedly Suggested Killing Julian Assange of Wikileaks With a Drone Strike

Julian Assange

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been a real thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats during this election season. Long before now however, Assange really got under Hillary’s skin because she allegedly suggested killing him with a drone strike.

The Washington Examiner reported:

WikiLeaks cites report saying Clinton mulled killing Assange with drones

WikiLeaks tweeted a story Monday claiming Hillary Clinton asked in 2010 whether it would be possible to kill the group’s founder, Julian Assange, using a drone strike.

True Pundit reported Sunday that State Department officials revealed that Clinton asked, “Can’t we just drone this guy” at a Nov. 23, 2010, meeting with other officials. The report said Clinton’s suggestion was met with laughter, but also said Clinton was clearly “fuming” at WikiLeaks’ continued leaking of confidential State Department cables that she had signed.

The Washington Examiner has not verified that claim, and WikiLeaks treated the news as a “report.”

Just try to imagine the left’s reaction if George W. Bush had said this.

Do you think there would be a little outrage?

You bet.

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