REPORT: Hillary Launching ‘Onward Together’ PAC To Rebuild Her Influence In Politics

Not even the stunning and humiliating defeat of the 2016 election can keep Hillary away from the national stage. She is absolutely determined to remain a force in American politics even if many Democrats no longer want anything to do with her.

Hot Air reports:

Here we go: Hillary launching “Onward Together” PAC next week to rebuild her political influence

Yes, I know, people on the right should greet this news with cheer given Hillary’s reverse Midas touch on the Democratic Party. But really, it’s long past time for America to be done with these people. It feels like the reboot, or I guess re-reboot, of an especially bad superhero franchise. It’s “Aquaman: The New Generation.”

Besides, this will force the media to pay more attention than they already do to Chelsea Clinton’s calculated woke takes on social media. If that’s possible.

From Politico:

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The former secretary of state is building a new political group to fund organizations working on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda, spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City, and Chappaqua, N.Y. meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s board of directors, multiple people close to the two-time White House hopeful and people familiar with the group’s planning told POLITICO.

She is looking to launch the group, expected to be called Onward Together — a nod to her campaign slogan, Stronger Together — as soon as next week, they say. Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment for this story.

Hillary and Bill are incredibly wealthy and they’re not getting any younger.

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Couldn’t they just retire?


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